Can I Personalize My Stethoscope

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals occasionally enjoy stethoscopes which are personalized. There are a variety of reasons to change the appearance of a standard stethoscope, from making sure the stethoscope is returned if lost or just adding spunk and character to the everyday device. Whatever the reason, there are an assortment of ways in which to personalize a stethoscope.

Some healthcare professionals choose to get their stethoscopes engraved with their names. These engravings can also include different designs, such as peace signs or hearts, to greater personalize the instrument. Engraving names on stethoscopes is also a way to ensure that the stethoscope is returned if lost and is more effective than attaching a name tag which can be fall off or be removed.

Another option for personalizing a stethoscope is to choose a favorite color. Stethoscope tubing does not just have to be black, but can be found in every color imaginable. Some individuals opt to use cloth covers which allow a variety of color options which can be changed as desired. If this option is of interest, make sure to check if the hospital allows them. Some hospitals have chosen to ban the use of cloth covers as a result of potential bacteria transfer.

If the healthcare professional is working with a pediatric population, personalizing the stethoscope may also be an opportunity to entertain children at the same time. A variety of pediatric stethoscopes are available which include attachments of animal faces. These designs allow the children to be distracted while the doctor or nurse is able to listen to their heart and lungs.

Whatever the reason, stethoscopes do not have to be plain back tubing with silver heads. Now each individual can choose to personalize their stethoscope in a variety of ways making the device as unique as the healthcare professional that uses them.