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If a person works in the medical profession, there is a good chance they will need a good quality stethoscope. They cannot get by with just any stethoscope; they need one that is of high quality. These instruments come in different sizes, weights and even color. However, the most important part is a stethoscope that sounds good. The cost will obviously reflect the quality of the product. Even if a medical practitioner buys a stethoscope that is more expensive, it is worth it in the long run. Some people even get their scopes engraved with their names on it. This way no one will be able take off with it.

With a little luck and lots of research, it is possible to find a discount stethoscope or even good condition used stethoscopes. There are a lot of stethoscopes for sale nowadays. This can make matters a little confusing and daunting at times. The important thing is to not to buy one on impulse. In this day and age of the internet, impulse buying is a common problem. This just leads to people buying junk they don’t really need. This not something that should happen when buying something important as a stethoscope. After all, no medical practitioner wants to record incorrect auscultations and BP’s, just because they had a poorly made stethoscope. Therefore the first thing customers need to do is decide what exactly they need in a stethoscope. After that, shopping around can begin.

Stethoscopes are generally divided into 3 main groups. There are ones that are used on adults, children and ones designed for cardiology specialists. Stethoscopes used on adults are the most common ones, and everybody from nurses to doctor’s use this type. Paediatric stethoscopes as the name suggests, will be used on children and babies. Predictably, this type will be smaller. Stethoscopes used by cardiologists are the most sensitive of the three. It is capable of picking up the smallest auscultation. Hence it is used more in geriatric care.

Buying stethoscopes online is the easiest method. Before buying, it is a good idea to look for reviews on the product. Some stethoscopes will have high end features, which may not be necessary for a beginner level medical practitioner. An expensive high quality one will be able to detect low frequency sounds. The price range of these products can vary greatly. They can start as low as 50 dollars and go all the way up to 300 dollars. The good news is that used stethoscopes can be had for much less. A good place to start looking for a used one will be the various auction websites.
Once a buyer has decided on what their budget range is, narrowing down the search will be much easier. It will not be necessary to spend a long time going from one site to the next to find one. This website has some of the best prices on both new and used stethoscopes. Some of the top end models are Littman stethoscopes and 3M stethoscopes. These stethoscopes will help diagnose problems with little or no mistakes. It is important to see if it comes with a warranty. A more expensive model should come with a warranty between 2-6 years.

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